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LearningQube screenshotThe LearningQube platform gathers and applies data to transform how learning happens in your district.

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July, 21 2010

Promethean Strengthens Formative Assessment Offering and Leading Position in Learner Response Systems by Acquiring SynapticMash Read more >

April, 22 2010

Global Partnership Schools Partnering with SynapticMash to Revolutionize Teaching and Learning in the Classroom Read more >

August, 01 2009

LearningQube learning management platform meets Title 1 ARRA objectives Read more >

LearningQube Colorado Grant Application

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SynapticMash helps you make learning happen.

Does your student performance data system report all you need to know?

  • What are the factors affecting your students' performance? Curriculum? Learning disabilities? School environment? Teacher preparation? We can show you.
  • How do you respond to teachers who look at data and ask "What does this mean and how do I use it to help my students?" We can tell you.
  • Can you analyze and apply your data to gain a more precise and diagnostic understanding of what is – and isn't – working in your schools? We can help you.

LearningQube® – SynapticMash's proprietary learning management system-can transform how your school district manages the information so critical to effectively tracking student progress. Built on the LearningQube suite of products, our customized programs fully integrate with your testing and evaluation systems.

Data without relevant and timely interpretation likely will fall short of fueling the change your school district seeks. Capture and utilize rich data to guide development, deliver and evaluate content, and focus decision-making on improving student outcomes-with LearningQube.

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