LearningQube Makes Learning Happen.

Take the traditional technology concepts - social networking, data integration, business intelligence - and combine or "mash" them together. That's LearningQube, an end-to-end education management platform that melds the power of a learning management system and a virtual classroom - all in one application.

LearningQube analyzes your education environment, captures and organizes critical data to enhance curriculum management, and facilitates decision making that affects student outcomes.

Comprehensive and collaborative, LearningQube increases both your access to and use of multiple data sets that address student performance issues.

Benefits from the LearningQube platform:

Teachers - you'll find that you're better informed about your students' achievement status - where they struggle as well as where they succeed. With the LearningQube platform, you:

  • Easily manage class complexity - curriculum, grading attendance, project-based learning
  • Improve student achievement with data-driven assessments and analytics
    Expand communication methods across all users
  • Share best practices with your peers, helping to identify the best educational resources for a student based on real-time data

Students and Parents - You can monitor academic progress easily and conveniently. With the LearningQube platform, you:

  • Receive real-time data alerts, grades, attendance, assignment details, text references
  • Gain access to a social network that links to mentors, learning tools and other educational resources
  • Track critical student information from sports eligibility to graduation requirements

Administrators - you gain clear information across the educational environment using a dynamic dashboard. With the LearningQube platform, you:

  • Access student and teacher information
  • Monitor progress in targeted areas
  • Manage schedule and calendar
  • Evaluate professional development

The LearningQube application delivers a clear view of the educational environment and the needs of those within it.

LearningQube Suite of Tools
  • EduQube - A complete classroom/instructional management solution.
  • ExamQube - A comprehensive assessment platform with advanced reporting capability.
  • StudentQube - A student information system to meet high-level data needs.
  • DataQube - A data warehouse with deep analytical/reporting capabilities and constant access to critical data.
  • MashQube - An eco-system used by educators, parents, and students to collaborate on curriculum development, content, and learning.